Controversial Glastonbury headliner Kanye West brought the penultimate day of the festival to a close with a surprisingly un-Kanye-like performance.

No other rapper is as equally hated as he is loved than Yeezy and when he was revealed as taking the prime spot on the Pyramid stage his listing sparked a mass petition to stop him setting foot on the Worthy Farm grass.

Kanye West
(Yui Mok/PA)

As he finally stepped up, we’d all braced ourselves for the worst… Would we be subjected to yet another bizarre soliloquy from the man who loved himself more than anything else in the world? Would he murder our ears with a stream of offensive and derogatory lyrics? Would he be wearing that creepy bejewelled mask a la Wireless Festival 2014, singing through mouthfuls of stale breath and sweat?

None of the above actually, as Mr West actually seemed to nail the entire hour and 45-minute set (it was supposed to be an hour and a half but you know, Kanye being Kanye…)

The crowds erupted into cheers and screamed the lyrics in unison as Ye filled his performance with old but gold tracks like Stronger, All Falls Down, Diamonds are Forever and Goldigga.

Glastonbury even escaped the wrath of Kanye when comedian Lee Nelson stormed the stage and, to the world’s amazement, the rapper totally held it down.

The only remotely diva-ish moment came when, after the opening songs, Yeezy had a bit of an issue with the low hanging stage lights which were basically skimming the beads of sweat on his head.

“John, you need to lift these lights up a little bit. I need to jump on the next song and I’m gonna bump my head on this,” he told John, who presumably was in charge of the stage set.

After chopping the Pyramid stage down to a trapezium with his newly-installed roof, he hopped aboard a cherry picker to get even higher.

No sooner was he up-top than he was back on tera firma, or was he? The Glasto crowd seemed to like the unexpected Queen addition with the start of Bohemia Rhapsody, but Kanye stumbled on some of the world’s best known lyrics.

Still he was just about holding it together. But alas, when we thought the closing performance at Glastonbury could not get any better, Kanye succumbed to the nagging boastful voices in his head…

“I’m going to say this now because, in a few years, I may not be able to anymore.

“You are now watching the greatest ever living rock star on the planet.”


So close Ye, so close.