Elijah Wood has said he was so embarrassed to be mistaken for Tobey Maguire that he didn’t bother correcting a fan about who he was.

The Hobbit star is a guest on tonight’s episode of Chatty Man and told Alan Carr that despite being a big name in Hollywood, that didn’t mean he was instantly recognisable.

Chatty Man Elijah Wood Alan Carr
Elijah Wood and Alan Carr (Channel 4)

He said on the Channel 4 show: “I’ve been mistaken for Tobey Maguire. I was at a Costco and this woman came up to me and said, ‘I saw you on the Jay Leno Show last night. It was great,’ and I thought, ‘I wasn’t on Jay Leno last night but maybe it was a rerun that I wasn’t aware was airing’.

“I said thanks and she said, ‘Yeah, I’m a vegan too and it’s always a little troublesome during the Thanksgiving holiday’. Oh man, she thinks I’m Tobey Maguire. So then I was in that place where we have already gone down the rabbit hole of conversation where I’ve sort of said ‘yeah’ and I didn’t want to embarrass her so she is like, ‘Oh my god I’ve totally mistaken this person’.

Tobey Maguire
Tobey Maguire (Chris Pizzello/Invision)

“I didn’t want her to feel that way so I was like how can I get out of this without having to correct her so I just kind of agreed, ‘Yup me too, I know what it’s like dealing with the holidays’. So then I said ‘see ya’, and walked away and never corrected her.”

Michelle Keegan was another guest and admitted she had found it tough to leave her Coronation Street role as Tina McIntyre: “I could have easily stayed there my whole life. I could have been there when I’m 80 years old.

“And I thought to myself, if I didn’t leave when I did I’d look back and think what if? And that’s what made me leave in the end. It was a hard decision and it took me a few years to decide but when the time was right, I knew.”

Michelle Keegan Chatty Man
Michelle Keegan (Channel 4)

Alan also addressed Morrissey’s absence, who was due to be one of his star guests but cancelled last minute because he was stuck in Belfast after a show.

He told the audience: “Now when I said last week that Morrissey was going to be here, a lot of people on Twitter said that wasn’t going to happen! Well, they were right. Yep. You were right! I was wrong. He’s stuck in Belfast so we wish him love, and he will have to come back.”

Alan Carr Chatty Man airs tonight (March 27) on Channel 4 at 10pm.