All parents up and down the country all fear those words... "I am bored!"

And it’s been found that children say this 122 times a month.

But have you ever considered for a moment that being bored might actually be in young people's interest?

Research carried out by stationary and art supply company Bic among parents of 1,000 adults with children between the ages of 5-11, has found out that being bored helps encourage creativity among young people... and adults themselves.

And, they insist, that doesn't mean turning to electronic devices.

The French company found out that 31 per cent of parents admitted to giving a child a digital devise to keep them occupied – though many admitted they would rather children created tangible artwork on paper, that can be kept forever!

Renowned consultant on child education and development, Dr Martin Stephen said: "When a parent hears the words I am bored it is very tempting to view that as a problem. In reality boredom is often a brilliant platform from which children can learn to use their imagination and creativity which is very important in a world dominated by online media."

The statistics emerged in a study run by Bic Kids as part of its young artist award scheme which helps celebrate the creativity of children and helps take children’s art work from the fridge door to public billboards. Children and adults have very different ideas of keeping boredom at bay with 68 per cent of children playing with a mobile device and watching YouTube, meanwhile parents tend to favour more traditional forms of entertainment.

Dr Stephen adds: "It’s all about getting a good balance. Creativity can be encouraged via digital games but it is very important that we continue to develop core skills such as drawing and writing since it’s been proven that these skills help aid development and creativity".

Rebecca Huda, Bic's UK product manager agrees, saying: "It’s challenging to consider boredom as a positive thing but I think we are all aware that taking a bit of time away from the constant noise and activity, has a positive effect.

"It’s good to be able to let the mind wander and through our completion we have seen that kids in the UK have amazing imaginations which are not always being used to their full potential."

How parents banish their children’s boredom:

1. Playing board games with them (42%)

2. Putting on the TV (40%)

3. Providing a pen and paper for drawing / writing (39%)

4. Handing them a book to read (34%)

5. Providing a tablet/iPad (31%)

6. Cooking with them (26%)

7. Going to the zoo or park (24%)

8. Putting on a games console (20%)

9. Taking them to a friend’s house (17%)

10. Playing imaginary games with them (17%)