SUPPORT band, The Last Republic, got the crowd at the O2 Academy suitably warmed up for this evening - headlined by legendary Welsh rockers The Alarm.

You could hear The Alarm and U2 influence in the lead singer's voice as he led his group through strong songs, which received a positive reception from those there early enough.

The Alarm are celebrating 30 years in the business and, although the line up may have changed over the years, front man Mike Peters has lost none of his energy and enthusiasm to put on a show.

Tonight was less about the political messages and more about a celebration between the band and their devoted followers.

They started the evening with slow rocking acoustic versions of 'Sold Me Down the River' and 'Rain the Summer time'.

Their new single 'Unbreak the Promise' showed that Mike Peters can still write a great rock song for the 21st century.

All the classics followed – 'Blaze of Glory', 'Absolute Reality', 'Shelter' and a frantically fast paced 45 rpm reminding all of us slightly ageing punks of the good old days when we could actually pogo!

It wasn't a long set, but it was a quality set, and after an interactive 'Where Were you Hiding', they finished with their anthem 68 Guns.

Mike Peter's always whips the congregation into a frenzy and tonight was no exception with the whole room stealing the lyrics from him.

The die-hard mosh pit fans literally made the earth move as the dance floor pulsated under our feet – maybe some can still pogo!

James Stevenson on guitar, Smiley on drums, Martin Taylor on keyboards, and a quietly confident Craig Adams on bass, all provided the powerhouse behind Mike’s voice.

They returned on stage for the encore – with an additional member – Lydia Franklin from Reading. Lydia had generously donated to Mike's charity Love Hope Strength and won the chance to perform the named song with the band.

Lydia held her own with an acoustic guitar and matched Mike word for word – she even had him working as her personal roadie.

The final song of the night was the nostalgic 'Spirit of 76' – a fitting tribute to the highs and lows of friendships over three decades.