"We are Motörhead... and we play rock and roll!”
With those immortal words the world’s most consistently raucous band dive into a furious barrage of speed metal.

That understated job description bookends each and every show by Lemmy Kilmister and his band - often with the inclusion of an expletive or two - and so it does here on this live recording of a typically energetic show at the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany.

The recording and accompanying DVD - complete with Lemmy’s introductions and sparse banter - have been released on the band’s own Motörhead Music label, and are required listening and viewing for any fan of the band.

The show was recorded last year at a festival lashed by heavy rain, not that a bit of precipitation is going to dampen the excitement of the crowd who are only drowned out by the onslaught of Kilmister’s thunderous bass and gravely roar, the guitar theatrics of Phil ‘Wizzö’ Campbell and Mikkey Dee - described here by Lemmy as the best drummer in the world, and with good reason.

From opener Iron Fist, the band hurtle through their biggest and chunkiest tunes, coming on like a runaway panzer tank, levelling everything in its path. Metropolis, One Night Stand, Rock Out, the fabulously-named Killed by Death, Going to Brazil, Bomber, and all the rest are bowled out, in a wall of crashing riffs and virtuoso guitarwork which betrays huge technical ability, before the trio crank it up to 11 for Ace of Spades and traditional closer Overkill. Ferocious they may be, but Motörhead are still creatures of habit.

What makes this release such a gem though is its second disc, featuring the Waken encore and tunes from their sets at last year’s Sonisphere and Rock in Rio.

The introduction to Going to Brazil to a 100,000-strong crowd of Cariocas in Rio is a classic, verging on Spinal Tap - with the band attempting to countdown in Portuguese before settling on the regular ‘one- two-three’.

Available as a double-disc release, with or without the DVD and with the options of vinyl gatefold, blu-ray, or box set featuring CDs, DVD, blu-ray and picture book, this will keep lovers of Mr Kilmister and his finely-honed, nosebleed-inducing craft headbanging well into the early hours.