Luke Simpkins, frontman of rising stars The Days, offers a masterclass in starting your own pop combo.

SO YOU like to think you can handle an instrument, you’ve pulled together a band, and you’ve set your heart on making it as a rock & roll star.

Many of us have been there – but how many make it?

For most of us, the closest we get to being rock legends is a blast of karaoke, a drunken bout of Guitar Hero, or screaming our throats to shreds up against the mosh pit barrier.

So let’s meet one of the hallowed few who have actually gone and done it – Luke Simpkins of The Days.

They may have formed as a school band, but are now out of short trousers and in it for the long term. And, with a single out through Atlantic Records, it can’t be long before they find themselves topping the charts.

Their biggest exposure yet has been as 25-date tour buddies with Scouting for Girls. But they do it so much bigger and better.

So, who are The Days, and how have they managed to make it from the bedroom mirror to the stage?

“We are four lads from Devon, and we play pop-rock music with catchy sing-along tunes,” says singer and ivory-tickler Luke.

“We are a real band who play real music and like to put on an energetic show to anyone who comes along to our gigs. We like to get a crowd going.

“We went to the same school, which is where we started. My brother Dan is the bass player and the other two – guitarist Tim and drummer Harry – were already in a band. We decided to join together, and moved up to London to go to university, and to play – which we did for four hours a day.”

But he insists it really is all about having fun: “Sometimes you need to step back and say ‘look… what we are doing is incredible!’ “Being able to go out and play to a massive crowd who are all singing your songs gives you a massive buzz. I can be drained and exhausted, but I go out, and the crowd whips up the energy for you – which keeps you going.”

And has he had time to pick up the more, shall we say, colourful aspects of rock & roll life?

“I’m not a complete ultimate rock & roller,” he admits. “I like a drink but am quite chilled out. We haven’t done anything too crazy yet!”

As far as they have one, The Days’ biggest contender for band anthem is catchy debut single No Ties – a shouty slice of power pop written by Luke at home on a piano.

It’s an exhilarating little tune, which is appropriate, because it’s about that ultimate escape from mundanity – the weekend.

“I wanted to get that sense of escapism you have on a Friday,” he explains. “Forget your day job… here’s the weekend!

“And when I wrote it we had just been signed and I was all excited abut what we were doing.

“It might be a bit of an anthem,” he adds.

“But we’ve got plenty more big songs in the locker!”

And has he discovered the secret of being a successful frontman?

“You’ve got to connect with the crowd,” he says without a pause. “And as the frontman it’s my job to do that connecting – which is great fun!”

The Days play the Oxford O2 Academy on Thursday (April 30). Doors open at 7pm. Support comes from Picnic Now and The Nominees. Tickets cost a fiver in advance.