MODEL, artist, actress, producer and DJ... Charlotte Devaney is a woman who wears many hats.

A familiar face on the decks at some of the world’s best clubs, the turntable sex bomb, and boyfriend of drum and bass DJ Fabio, tomorrow brings her talents to Oxford’s Lava Ignite.

Her trip to the Park End Street club follows a stint in Hollywood, where she appeared in the film How To Lose Friends & Alienate People. The night serves as the launch party for her latest single Flip It. The tune, featuring Snoop Dogg, was one of the hits of the summer.

The bass-heavy tune is loaded with infectious dance beats and hooks, and of course, Snoop’s killer vocals, which give the track a raw, hip hop flavour.

Expect a night of floor-shakers including her original remixes of Taylor Swift, Jay Sean, and Nicole Scherzinger.

Also brace yourself for a few laughs. Charlotte is renowned as much for her DJ skills as for her sense of humour – as evidenced by the video for her first single Nice, featuring a bunch of 'Borettes’ - ladies dressed as spoof Kazak icon Borat - complete with glasses, moustaches and ‘mankinis’.

  • LIVE Charlotte Devaney appears at Lava Ignite, Park End Street, Oxford tomorrow. Go to for more details