“Food is my religion”

Owain Llwyd Jones, is the new General Manager at The Woodstock Arms, Woodstock. This newly renovated tavern offers hearty food and splendid accommodation in the heart of England’s countryside. This is his journey… ________________________________________

It’s three weeks in and I’m sat in our beautiful dining room obliviously laughing at the mess in front of us at the end of another busy evening. Johnny, Damion and Frazer are sat in front of me and are slightly less jovial as they point towards the broken coffee machine, leaking dishwasher, missing washing machine, dodgy Wi-fi… the list goes on.

The joy of opening a new business is learning how to adapt and how to keep smiling while everything is falling apart around you, and trust me if you can break something - I’VE BROKEN IT. When you’ve had half an oven working, no ice, and no way of taking payment during service, then all you can do is smile; apologise and start again.

All this chaos (and fun along the way) has all been worth it for this wonderful moment: sat with a pint of ice cold Staropramen in hand with three very happy chappies. Although reading the generous reviews has been wonderful, as well as the Sawdays guide recommendation it has all been a marvellous experience for all of us, the majority of our toasts have been to the incredible people we’ve met in such a short space of time. We could also not be happier with the reception that we have received from the people of Woodstock who’ve been incredible. We are truly grateful, and we’ve drunk a lot of pints in your honour!!

So now is the time to push forward and continue to create an environment which is comfortable and enjoyable for everyone who comes through the door. Whether you’ve finished a long day at work or want to celebrate that special birthday with us, we are open from 7:30-22:00 every day. In the famous words of Winston Churchill:

“When I was younger I made it a rule never to take a strong drink before lunch,

It is now my rule never to do so before Breakfast.”

Whether or not you subscribe to Churchill’s way of thinking, you’ve always got the option to order one of our notorious Bloody Mary’s from 7:30am.

Just in case you don’t know who we are, we’re a small company of four businesses that come together to make The House of Jacobs.

This business truly is a haven for the rock star caterers of Oxford who were also a massive factor in taking me away from my beloved Fishes in North Hinksey Village. This band of merry restaurateurs is led by two of the greats of Oxford, Johnny Puggsley and Damion Farrah, known for building some of Oxfords best known eateries.

Now that everything is fixed, we are here for you to serve great plates of food, and lashings of wine and beer. Our food is Great British fayre, served in our beautiful dinning room, or you could enjoy the same menu throughout the pub. The food here truly is our religion, so come to our alter and hail to the ale, and pray for our pie.

Since arriving in Woodstock, we’ve fallen in love with its historic town, the amazing people and the wonderful community spirit it has – which has welcomed us with open arms. Having worked tirelessly over the last couple of months, we’ve managed to turn some hazy wide-eyed dreams into some solid rock ‘n roll reality. We can’t wait to welcome everyone to try our amazing food, and invite you all to enjoy a glass of fizz (or a pint of beer) with us to celebrate the start of a new chapter at The Woodstock Arms. We are here for you, well now that everything is fixed and working.