Tripadvisor reviewers are famously honest and do not mince their words, with visitors to one KFC in Oxford blasting it as the ‘worst KFC ever’.

Customers at the Cowley Road branch of the chicken chain called it a ‘disgrace’ and ‘nasty’, with the food said to look like ‘road kill’.

The KFC has received 42 reviews, with 27 of those reviews – a huge 67.5 per cent - rating it with just one star.

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Many reviewers cited undercooked and cold food, poor presentation and in some cases items missing from their meals all together.

Of course, with all these negative reviews I could not resist going along myself to see what all the fuss was about.

When I told my parents I was visiting Oxford’s ‘worst’ KFC, they said: “I hope you don’t get really ill.”

I hoped that too.

What was the restaurant like?

I visited the KFC on Cowley Road and my first impressions were generally positive.

It seemed busy with people leaving with bags of food and others waiting for their orders, surely a good sign that people do actually eat there?

This branch of KFC is quite small without any indoor seating, so I imagine during peak times it can get quite claustrophobic while you stand and wait for your food. Luckily for me, there were only four others waiting for their meals while I was there.

Oxford Mail: The inside of the KFC on Cowley Road The inside of the KFC on Cowley Road

Overall, the restaurant was a clean and modern, albeit small, KFC restaurant.

Nothing seemed to scream that it should be featured on Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares.

What was the food like?

I initially wanted to get a Mighty Bucket For One Meal so I could experience all the KFC classics from the Cowley Road branch in one go but, unfortunately, it was out of stock.

Instead, I ordered a Trilogy Box Meal which the KFC website describes as ‘Three classic flavours back in one box – a fiery Zinger Burger, Mini Fillet strip and small Popcorn Chicken, along with regular fries, regular side, one KFC Original Dip and drink of your choice.

My meal arrived in typical fast food style, from a slightly frantic team member, and within three minutes I was out the door and off to find somewhere to eat my food.

Oxford Mail: My meal neatly packaged in its box My meal neatly packaged in its box

Unlike a lot of the reviews which said the food was thrown haphazardly in the box, mine was neatly packaged.

All of the food items were hot, crispy and cooked through. No greasy batter or raw chicken here.

Oxford Mail: KFC's Trilogy Box Meal which I bought from the Cowley Road branch KFC's Trilogy Box Meal which I bought from the Cowley Road branch

Overall opinion?

I am not quite sure what I really expected from visiting this KFC.

On the one hand I thought I would get food poisoning and on the other I was worried I would waste £7, but I am happy to report neither happened.

By no stretch of the imagination was this food a five star luxury meal, it was a standard KFC which left me feeling full and like I need to go for a run to work it off.

Then again, after all the negative reviews that is the best I could of hoped for.