I must have come to the wrong place I thought, as I followed my Satnav, branching off the main road through Bletchingdon into a caravan park of all places, down a long track and past a farm where tents and RVs were settled in for the night.

And just when I decided I had definitely got the wrong place, there, nestled among the campers’ facilities was The Batch, a tiny cafe whose reputation has been spreading as rapidly as its tent pegs.

Housed in a converted farm building, inside it houses a vast counter, framed by blackboards declaring a delicious array of lunch, breakfast, snacks, cakes, coffees and teas. A campers’ delight.

But luckily for us, Lucy and Carl Foreman are not restricting their culinary delights to their overnight guests, but are open to the public.

Which is why so many people have been asking if I’d been there yet, even though the place only opened this year.

Already full with a balanced mix of mums and toddlers, farm workers, business meetings and lunchers, we joined the throng at one of the eclectic assortment of tables, adding to the friendly, relaxing vibe.

There were so many familiar faces there when we arrived it was hilarious, as if we’d all received the same memo.

Word travels fast it would seem, so we ordered some of the their delicious Ue coffee and caught up before ordering a hearty lunch.

Starting with the soup, a spicy sounding sweet potato, red lentil and coconut version, (£5.50) which arrived in a chintzy bowl, as is the current fashion, with bread and butter.

Thick, filling, autumnal, heart-warming stuff with a hint of chilli it was a meal all on its own.

We also tried the smoked salmon with spinach, capers and creme fraiche on sourdough £7.95, an enormously generous portion of rich oily fish, beautifully combined wit the beetroot, dill and cream, a Scandinavian vision on the plate, which was healthy, fresh and tasty, disappearing indecently fast.

I opted for the irresistable crispy herb polenta with a pepper and chorizo stew (£7.95), which was resplendent to behold and an intoxicating mix of the dark oily stew, the crispy bite of the chorizo, the sharpness of the green rocket and the light, crunch of the polenta, scattered with parmesan made for a really satisfying dish. More than that, it was a really interesting, different menu, cleverly contrived to cover all the bases while encouraging people to try something a bit different and push the boat out.

A friend who joined us opted for the breakfast offering of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast and marvelled at the rich yellow of the yolks, sourced from the farm’s own eggs.

If you are more of a brunch person, bear in mind that on Saturdays a special menu is on offer including exciting South American dishes such as smokey black beans with a fried egg, feta, avocado and a flatbread which I have already ear-marked for another occasion.

We couldn’t leave either without trying Lucy’s cakes, the counter groaning with offerings, momentarily bewitched by the choice, opting for the pistachio and cherry bakewell tart, and a sneaky a chocolate brownie (both ridiculously priced at just £2.50)and washed down with more delicious coffee.

Despite arriving at noon, we were suddenly rushed for time, school beckoning, the lunch-hour having passed in a trice.

So watch out The Milkshed, there’s a new cafe in town, and with very little else going on in Bletchingdon, an absolute blessing. Despite being off the main drag, Lucy and Carl Foreman have chosen wisely.

The Batch, Greenhill Farm, Bletchingdon