I LOVE a traditional Christmas dinner, but I think perhaps my favourite meal of the season is the Boxing Day feast: leftover veg turned into bubble and squeak accompanied by a huge spread of cold meats, chutneys, pickles and, most importantly, cheese.

Most years we can't wait until Boxing Day to dig in, with it being sneaked out of the fridge at the latest on Christmas eve.

This year I'm starting my festive cheese binge a little earlier as we're featuring Norton and Yarrow, Earth Trust Farm Step tenants who make award-winning goats cheese, at the Cultivate stops this week.

I recently paid a visit to one half of the Norton and Yarrow team, Rachel, down at their barn at the Earth Trust farm.

She warned me that once I arrive I might struggle to find the right barn but it was pretty easy to figure it out: all I had to do was follow the bleats.

I was greeted by Rachel and then immediately by the source of the bleating, Mr Frosty.

One of the kids in the herd, he was desperate to investigate a newcomer to the barn and Rachel’s description of him as ‘mad as a box of frogs’ was easy to see as he then went on to have a fight with his feed bucket.

Rachel and her partner Fraser set up their Anglo Nubian herd at the Earth Trust Farm back in February.

They focus on creating high-quality local cheese in a sustainable way. The goats are fed on hay from the wildflower meadows at the Earth Trust Farm.

Experts estimate that up to 30 per cent of the flavour of a cheese comes from the animals' diet.

Having tasted Norton and Yarrow Cheese myself I would say you can definitely taste the benefits of this diet in the end product: it goes fantastically well with a beetroot salad or just loaded onto crackers.

We're planning on selling Norton and Yarrow cheese at our Cultivate stops this week, but I have a feeling customers will need to move quickly otherwise I may get tempted to buy it all myself.