Where did you go?

Banana Tree, a new restaurant on George Street

What was it like?

It serves Indo-Chinese food

What did you have?

First the Saigo punch mocktail which was so good. Then the chicken dumplings with soy sauce, and the chicken satay. 

The chicken dumplings were the highlight – the sauce was too good to be true and the dumplings were nice with crunchy herbs.

My main was the chicken jawa from the grilled meat section – served with the combo option of aromatic spiced rice, spicy green papaya salad with crushed nuts, and an Indo cracker. The chicken was so moist and the portion massive.

The warm chocolate Indo-fondant finished me off nicely although I was so full afterwards I had to go home and lie down.

What did you think?

The decor was amazing and looked really different to anywhere else in Oxford which meant it was quite exciting to visit and I hadn’t been there before.

The new and wonderful food that blows your mind with flavour.

It was a new and unique experience

Would you take a girl on a date there?

Yes, it’s a great date place because it’s new with really exciting food and mocktails. Maybe on Monday-Friday for lunch when it’s one course for £6.95 and two for £9.95

Marks out of 10?

Nine. The food was like a spice bomb that exploded in your mouth, the drinks made you feel like you were sitting on a beach and it’s open all day.

Very impressive.

63 George Street, Oxford, OX1 2BQ. bananatree.co.uk.