News of a fabulous brunch being served at Cocos on Cowley Road had reached the office. Regardless of the great burgers, pizzas and salads on offer the rest of the time, the breakfast offering also seemed to be proving a winner.

We needed no further encouragement and Saturday morning found us waiting at the bar (early even for me) for a family breakfast. Bloody Mary in hand we didn’t have to wait long a for a table, the kids happy with their freshly made fruit juices which came in all manner of colours and assortments, before swapping to the hot chocolates crammed with marshmallows which kept them quiet for the rest of the meal.

Crayons are available if required but so transfixed were they by the surroundings, the clowns and figures bathing in the ice bath, that they barely needed them.

Most of their attention was taken up with what to choose, there being so many mouthwatering options which beat soggy cornflakes any day.

Delicious porridges with fruit, bacon sandwiches, eggy bread, omelette, waffles, where to start?

In the end we went for a bit of everything – and despite their misgivings that the eggy bread with cinnamon and maple syrup and a slice of bacon (£6.50) would be too, well, eggy, the soft, crispy, maple syrup drenched dish lived up to all expectations.

The full English breakfast (£8.35) left a smile on Mr Greedy’s face all day, so generous was the portion and so well sourced the ingredients, the bacon, tomato, toast, free range egg, Oxford sausage, mushrooms, garlic sautéed potatoes and black pudding overflowing.

The sausage and bacon sandwich was equally ample and as for the Arnold Bennett omelette (£8.95), it was, hand on heart, the best I have ever eaten. In fact just writing this down makes me want to re-experience it all over again. Crispy on the edges, with none of that rubbery tasteless egg texture, the cheesy smoked haddock filling was moist and succulent, and the accompanying dressed rocket perfect, again a vibrant example of how to do it.

The superfood porridge was similarly gorgeous, beautifully cooked and full of fruit and seeds.

So there you go – bold, generous, fun, reasonable and tasty. What more could you want of a brunch? So go to Cocos for breakfast at the next possible opportunity.

23 Cowley Rd, Oxford OX4 1HP. 01865 200232