Gone are the days of picking up the phone and ordering a takeaway. And yet now that you can order pretty much anything online, including your curry, I am suddenly nostalgic for the hilarious ordering process, endlessly spelling out your name and address and shouting your order down the phone as you spell your name out loud for the 20th time.

However, having heard how great Ready Steady Spice in Eynsham was, both in terms of food and this new DIY online service, we logged on one Saturday night and gave it a go.

Despite being a bit further away than our local curry house, I was assured that the portions were more substantial and the meat more generous.

Ticking boxes it turns out makes you slightly trigger happy and so we ordered far more online than we could possibly eat between four of us, which was delivered quicker, despite the extra distance.

And yet, on arrival, many of the dishes in question lacked flavour. The best test is always the Tarka Dall which I usually want to eat with a spoon and hide from everyone else. Mr Greedy was therefore very surprised when I started offering it around, namely because it didn’t really taste of anything. The chana massala was similarly bland and the Paneer Chilli Sabzi, essentially a red coated Indian cheese in sauce, failed to make an impression. Perhaps it was just the sides which were lacking.

And while other parts of the meal were better - the chicken shashlick and lamb methi were chunky and juicy, the peshwari naans a lovely saffron yellow colour inside which alluded to their sweet filling and the twists or curls of popodums a novel idea - it never quite recovered from my initial impressions. So there you have it, a mixed bag, and not enough of awalkover to divert me from my local curry house again.