Why do you like it?

I found it by accident while waiting for a bus once and now I go there all the time. Their sausage and bacon butties are the bomb. 

The food is really good quality and it’s easy to pop in for a coffee or a sandwich.

What do you have?

Sausage and bacon sandwich with HP sauce in a massive bap which costs £3.60. 

You get so much for your money because it’s jam-packed with rashes of bacon, loads of sausage and sauce. It really fills you up.

Do you eat in?

Sometimes with friends but mostly I grab a mocha and sandwich and go.

Best parts?

The staff are really nice and make you feel welcome

Marks out of 10?

Nine because it has such a high standard and great price.

Would you take a girl on a date there?

Yeah. Could be good. 

Hampers Food and Wine Company
31-33 Oxford Street
OX20 1TH
Telephone: 01993 811535