What did you think?

I thought that it was really good. The food was well priced, good quality and well presented.

What did you have? 

I had the Noodle Nation special (£6.95) which is breaded chicken with egg fried rice and a katsu sauce and sea weed. It was really nice. The seaweed was nice and crunchy with a bit of salt, the chicken was a reasonable size with a crispy breadcrumb skin and a moist succulent middle.

I also had salt and pepper chicken bites with chilli and garlic (£4.50) which were the bomb. A crispy breaded skin covered with sweet sauce and jalapenos. And to top all that off I had a Crabbies ginger beer (£3.80).

Marks out 10? 

Nine because the food was decent, the service quick and friendly, and it was really lively which made it fun to be there.

Would you take a girl on a date? 

Yes, because it does great food and is nice and lively so it would not be awkward.

Noodle Nation, Gloucester Street, Oxford. Call 01865 201400 or see noodlenation.com