I used to virtually live in the Milk Shed in Weston-On-The-Green, as you might have noticed.

Every spare minute and tummy rumble directed me towards Lucie Greenwood’s Cornish style daytime cafe in the unlikely surroundings of an old farm’s ice cream parlour.

Now a bustling hub of Oxford’s well trodden, people flock from far and wide to revel in this gorgeous space and eat Lucie’s incredible food. Always there to greet you with a smile, Lucie is becoming something of a legend in her own right.

And then I moved house and it became just that little bit too far to pop in as regularly.

Until Lucie began posting pictures of her amazing food on Instagram. Last week a leek, pear, Gorgonzola and walnut tart oozing with calories, this week a warm salad of roots and pears roasted in spiced butter, mozzarella, rosemary and toasted cobnuts.

And I was there within a few hours of her posting it, tongue hanging out, salivating like an old Great Dane.

Meeting at noon, I was a few minutes early and still only just nabbed the one remaining table in the whole place but it was like coming home.

As soon as I returned I wondered why I hadn’t made the effort to literally go the extra mile, because the Milk Shed is always worth it.

Coffee lattes served in glass tumblers, a banana milkshake made with the Milk Shed’s own ice cream and the warm salad complete with striped beetroot and burrata and I was in heaven.

My friend, who had never been before, vowed to return before she had even sat down. She had the £7.50 chicken salad, served with the salads of the day.

The chunks of chicken were generous, tasty and delicious, the salads innovative, the ingredients fresh and exciting. It was a fantastic lunch.

So if, the cat is out of the bag where the Milk Shed is concerned, persevere. It’s worth it.

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