Brunch is now the way forward, many of us foregoing our weekday bowl of cereal and toast to make a meal of it at the weekends.

And with Bill’s offering brunch until noon on weekdays or 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and an extensive menu to match, we were there quicker than Michael Phelps in Speedos.

Bill’s in Witney opened on the Market Square earlier this month in a converted church and we popped in just in time for the breakfast service, able to veer between the main menu – ribs, burgers, steaks and salads, to the brunch offerings of pancakes, eggs fry ups, granola and yoghurt, healthy juices and naughty smoothies.

The place was packed when we arrived, word having already got around, but the fun, relaxed decor is a big draw, and you can see the attraction.

My daughters immediately spotted the delicious-looking blueberry and buttermilk pancakes, which came with banana, strawberries, maple syrup and smoked streaky bacon (£8.45), an enormous portion which kept them going all day.

Combined with the brownie smoothie (£3.65), which tasted as good as it looked, with a rich, chocolately biscuity flavour, I opted for the more abstemious green juice which our waitress assured me tasted just as good, and she was right. I don’t know what was in it but it tasted great and I was positively glowing when we left.

Throw in some Eggs Royale (poached eggs served over smoked salmon, hollandaise, pumpkin seeds and toasted English muffin for £7.95), a side of ribs and a halloumi and hummus burger and we were all happy by the time we left an hour later.

You can take as long as you want , but if you fancy a quick meal the service is nippy and the staff numerous. A great addition to Witney’s culinary line-up.

Bill’s, 2-4 Market Square, Witney
01993 706 228