What did you think?

It’s self service at Gourmet Burger but the staff behind the counter were nice and quick.

There was a table of young teens next to us mucking around and loads more kept coming in and joining them even though there wasn’t room, which meant they kept nudging our table and banging it which was really annoying and the staff didn’t do anything about it.

It kind of ruined our meal really.

What did you have?

Chicken burger with skinny fries and an Oreo milkshake for around £15.

How was the food?

The chicken was charcoaled on the outside and pink on the inside which wasn’t very nice and a bit worrying. The chips were super thin but had an odd burnt taste even though they weren’t burnt. You had to pay for them separately which annoyed me.


Not a great experience. I prefer Byron down the road.

Marks out of 10?


Gourmet Burger Kitchen, George Street, Oxford