It seems almost cruel to be writing about Oxford’s first gelateria while the rain pours down outside.

But Iscream has a brilliant all-weather back-up plan, situating itself in the snug, water-tight Covered Market, where you can eat ice scream all day whether it’s sunny or snowing, the latter seeming currently more likely.

Opened by the brilliant husband and wife team Graham and Jen MacDonald, who are fulfilling a lifelong dream, the pair took over the corner plot on the High Street side, removed the windows and walls and created a lovely light, airy, excitingly confectionary-led shop boasting some of the most delicious ice cream I have ever tested.

Arriving complete with all my children (funny that, they aren’t usually keen on accompanying me on restaurant reviews) we were drawn to the ice cream counter like bees to a honeytrap.

Choosing what to have was much harder, made doubly difficult by having to decide what cone to have and what sprinkles to add.

B ut with a queue snaking out of the door, we were forced to make a decision pronto.

What the children had blurs into insignificance because all I can remember is my wonderful chocolate ice cream.

I had a double scoop, cherry first, huge chunks of the dark juicy flesh having been sourced from the greengrocers a few stalls along, which was heaven in itself, but then came the chocolate.

The chocolate was rich but not overpowering, creamy, but not distracting, chocolatey without being bitter, and so wonderful that Willy Wonka would have been ringing on the MacDonald’s doorbell asking for the recipe.

The kids? They had trendy things like salted caramel, white chocolate and Smarties, covered in chocolate buttons and tutti fruttis.

To be honest I wasn’t concentrating, still lost in a world of cocoa pleasure.

But they seemed equally as euphoric.

So next time, whatever the weather, get down to the Covered Market and try it out. You don’t need an excuse.

Iscream, 113 & 114 Covered Market, Oxford OX1 3DZ. See