What did you think?

I thought Paul’s was really nice. There was a great smell coming from the shop so I went in. It was nice inside with gleaming wood everywhere and lots of baguettes piled up on the counter. Inside there were lots of sweet pastries from coloured macaroons to treacle tarts. It was amazing to look at.

What did you have?

I had the ‘sandwich dieppois’, which is basically a posh name for a tuna baguette. It was £3.80 to take away and £4.55 to eat in, so I took it away and ate it on the way home on the bus. The baguette was super crunchy with a soft inner layer, then a nice mayo tuna filling with crunchy lettuce. So good. Then I had an iced latte (£2.70) which took ages to arrive because you had to go to a separate counter to get it and wait in line. When it arrived, it wasn’t creamy enough for me and tasted more like a coffee left to go cold.

I finished off with an almond croissant (£1.95) which was divine, a very thin crispy skin, soft light fluffy inner layer then a soft gooey centre. An almost perfect lunch.

Marks out of 10?

Seven because although it’s a great lunch place, the iced coffee wasn’t good and took too long to arrive, which was pretty poor.

Would you take a girl on a date there?

Yes, there is great food, plus it looks nice inside.

Would you go again?

Yes because they do great meal deals, plus it is pretty healthy so you don’t feel too bad about eating there.

Paul, 138 High Street, Oxford 01865 200686 or paul-uk.com