What did you think?

The place was pretty dead when we went for dinner mid-week and there weren’t very many people there. The overall look was quite boring, not light and happy, and the service wasn’t great. They weren’t very patient when we were ordering. But the food was pretty nice and filled me up.

What did you have?

I had chicken chow mein (£5.20) with Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls (£4.90) and a bottled green tea.

How was the food?

The chicken was nice and moist, the nine chicken balls were perfect; a crispy outer shell with a slightly gooey interlayer and a succulent chicken chunk in the middle, served with a separate sweet & sour sauce.

But the noodles were quite wet which sort of ruined the texture.

The green tea was nice with lots of flavour but it was too sweet which made me suspect it was unhealthy.

Marks out of 10?

Six because although the food was alright, the customer service wasn’t great.

Would you take a girl on a date there?

No because the place was very quiet and there was not much of an atmosphere, so it would be boring.

The Rice Box, 178 Cowley Road, Oxford