What would you give for a pie tomorrow? At 11am, Pieminister Oxford will become a Black Pieday Pop-up Shop, giving away pies in return

for donations to Shelter.

A refreshing alternative to the usual Black Friday spending-frenzy, hundreds of Pieminister’s award winning pies will be up for grabs and every single penny given in return will go directly to the housing and homelessness charity, Shelter.

Pieminister pies are sold fresh but any surplus pies are frozen, ready to be redistributed later for good causes or special events, like this.

Shelter helps millions of people struggling with bad housing or homelessness every year. The pop-up shop at the Pieminster site in Oxford’s Covered Market will open at 11am. There will be free range British chicken pies, British steak pies and Vegetarian Society-approved pies to choose from, so get there early for the best selection. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Newsflash – Thame Food Festival has moved to two days of foodie, fun packed deliciousness.

The Festival, introduced in 2008 to promote and celebrate the wealth of wonderful food producers, food retailers, chefs, food and drink experts, restaurants and cafes in the local area, has outgrown the town. It simply cannot fit anymore stalls, stages and people in it on the day. And the festival has to expand to survive.

The directors have thought long and hard and it’s been decided that Thame Food Festival will move to the Show Ground on the outskirts of the town from 2017 and will become a two-day event.

The showground is ideally situated, very easy to get to and has excellent facilities and parking. It also gives Thame Food Festival a chance to expand and grow, introduce new ideas, innovative workshops, a pop up restaurant, bigger staging and lots more stalls and chefs.

So put Saturday, September 30, or Sunday, October 1, 2017 in the diary.

See www.thamefoodfestival.co.uk