Are you tired of street parties where pints and Pimm’s are the only libation? Are you longing for the perfect place to be seen supping that trendy cocktail and attracting a bit of attention?

For jubilee tipples, London is the place to toast Her Majesty, and being only an hour or so up-the-road, there’s no excuse for not popping up to raise a glass or two.

After 60 years of ruling, the Queen deserves a bit grandeur and sparkle from her subjects. And feeling the majesty, some London hotels (alright, practically all of them) have gone to town blending brilliant cocktails fit for . . . well... a Queen.

So if you do do the decent thing and party up to the Big Smoke this weekend (only an hour away), that ‘wonga’ you put away for a rainy day could be no better spent than by treating yourselves to a very special, VIP, what-the-hell-we’re-part-of-history cocktail.

*And there’s no better place to start than at the Cavendish Hotel. Tucked away on Jermyn Street in the heart of London’s most fashionable district, the Cavendish is one hotel not to miss. Only a very special cocktail can pull you away from the made to measure tailors, fine wine merchants and caviar emporium (ever tried it? – it’s ‘fishy’ as hell) just yards from the entrance. So it’s lucky they decided to focus on Sipsmith’s gin for their cocktail. Their special Jubilee cocktail, “Sipsmith Summer Cup Martini.”

Mix two parts Sipsmith gin, one part Sipsmith Summer Cup (a blend based on gin, but infused with Earl Grey tea, Lemon Verbena, and Cucumber) and a dash of Angostura Bitters. Best of all, it is only £8.50.

*To get a bit closer to the Queen you must head to The Rubens Hotel. At 39 Buckingham Palace Road, it is right across the street from Buck House. Their Jubilee cocktail has a true fairy tale involving a wealthy billionaire and international travel. The creator, a regular guest at The Rubens, won a contest inventing this cocktail for Virgin Atlantic. At that time it was called “The Big Apple,” and Mrs Celia Green, the inventor tried it for the first time with Sir Richard Branson at the opening of the Virgin Lounge in New York City. For the jubilee, she and The Rubens General Manager tweaked the ingredients, ensuring they were all British, and that was how “Sixty” (£11) was born. Mix Somerset cider brandy, Chase black current liquor, apple juice and a dash of lime together. Pour into a martini glass until it is ¾ full. Then top with English Cider.

*You don’t have to be an A-lister to be treated like one at the Dorchester. They are offering “Her Majesty’s Cup” for £16. A cocktail served in a china teacup with a wine glass stem.

Take Earl Grey infused berries, rhubarb, Hendrick’s Gin and top it all up with Champagne.

My only question is how do you hold the glass?

*The St James’s Hotel and Club on Park Place, where past members Sean Connery and Roger Moore discussed matters of Her Majesty’s Secret Service has the perfect summer splash.

It is called the ‘Queen’s Jubilee Celebratory Pimm’s.” OK, the name is a bit uninspired, but the taste makes up for it.

Take Pimm’s No. 1, mix it with fresh strawberries, Rose’s syrup and top it off with Jacquart Rosé Champagne Created by their Head Mixologist Zdenek Zemen, this is summertime Pimm’s with lots of sass for £18.

*Finally there is the pièce de résistance, the magnum opus, the jewel in the crown . . . quite literally. The Goring Hotel has come up with the ultimate cocktail, inset. Gaining immense fame for hosting the Bride’s friends and family during Kate’s wedding to Prince William last year, the Goring is the epitome of chic elegance. Their cocktail is called ‘The 1952’ and is the perfect bevvy to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

Two ½ measures of Hendricks Gin mixed with a dash of Noilly Prat (French vermouth), shaken over ice with real silver leaf.

This martini is served in a Swarovski crystal glass. The stem is filled with clear crystal chatons, which along with the faceted base create a sparkling diamond effect on your cocktail. For £120 guests get to keep the glass (and frankly, the bar for that kind of money...) *But if you can’t make it to London, then celebrate the Diamond Jubilee at Oxford’s own Grand Dame hotel, the Randolph. Maître D’ Giuseppe Vurchio has come up with ‘The Pink Diamond’, below (£13.50).

This is a simple, elegant cocktail with hints of passionfruit. Take 10ml of Passoa, top up with champagne and trim with a British strawberry and mint.

*If you’re throwing your own party or joining one on the street, remember there is no need to suffer with boring beverages.

You can make any of these at home. Save on the champagne to drink on its own and serve these cocktails with Cava or Prosecco.

Trust me, no one will know the difference.