10 Days until Christmas and you have been too busy with work parties to even think about buying gifts. Why suffer going from shop to shop, when you could be sipping a tipple and enjoying the companionship of your best mates . . . or that cutie in the corner. Here’s a little list that meets everyone’s price, and the best bit- 8 of the 10 items are from right here in Oxford.

1. These charming little flowers will make sure you can tell the difference between your Bordeaux and his Burgundy. At £9.50 you can’t throw a party without them. Otherwise the guests will be whining that someone picked up their wine by mistake! The marque-verres wine charms are available at Boswells at 1-4 Broad Street, Oxford for £9.50.

2. Onya bike, onya board, onya desk, this H2Onya bottle will make sure you stay hydrated. It is made of stainless steel so you are certain that no toxins or nastiness will leach into your drinking water. It comes in a variety of colours and sizes from 350ml up to 1200ml. There is also a choice of tops including a sport flip cap and baby bottle top. Now your toddler can be just as fashionable as you. Onya bottles are available at Port Meadow Designs, 104a Walton Street, Oxford. Starting at £9.75 - £12.00, the Baby Bottle Top costs just £3.25.

3. Crush me, squeeze me, make me wine . . . ok probably best not to use this little number on wine, but it is perfect for a cocktail. This Citrange double-sided juicer makes juicing your favourite citrus fruits a breeze . . . or should I say a squeeze! No longer will tequila sunrises and salty dogs be made with carton orange or grapefruit juice. You’ll be the envy of every socialite serving fresh squeezed orange juice with your bucks fizz Christmas morning. Citrange double-sided juicers are available Central Furniture, 33-35 Little Clarendon Street, Oxford for £15.95.

4. Lacking the space for a traditional wine cooler? About to throw a party and realize you don’t have enough ice to chill the champers and mix cocktails at the same time. Look no further. This Fresh Collection wine cooler folds flat to store easily in the freezer compartment and requires no ice to keep the Chablis cold. An added bonus is that the best temperature to serve your white wine is printed on the outside. You can buy the Fresh Collection Wine Cooler from Central Furniture at 33-35 Little Clarendon Street, Oxford for £18.95.

5. Do kamikazes’ confuse you? Do Pink Ladies perplex you? This cocktail shaker makes sure you get the right recipe the first time. Just decide which cocktail you want to make, turn the shaker and follow the instructions. Your cosmopolitan will never have too much cranberry again. This recipe cocktail shaker is available at Boswells, 1-4 Broad Street, Oxford for £25.00.

6. Perfume de Sonsierra looks like haute couture perfume, but is actually a top of the range Rioja. It’s made from Old Vines, which gives it an intense floral aroma with hints of coffee. On the palate it is well balanced with a long complex finish. The best part is its packaging. David Delfin presents this wine as if it were a designer fragrance. Perfume de Sonsierra is available for £26.49 at Stevens Garnier Wine Merchants, 47 West Way, Oxford OX2 0JF. Tel. 01865 263303.

7. From water to wine, this jug does just what you want it to do. Jazz up plain water by adding ice, lemons and mint or just decant your favourite inexpensive wine to posh up the occasion. The special lid only allows liquids to come out and doesn’t spill, keeping the pour neat and tidy even if you’ve had one or two. Wine & water jug is available at Central Furniture, 33-35 Little Clarendon Street, Oxford for £33.95.

8. Have an Oenophile in the family? Know someone that can tell you absolutely everything about wine? If you want their jaw to drop, buy them “Inside Burgundy.” These 656 pages cover over a thousand specific vineyards, from Grands Crus to obscure plots. Written by Jasper Morris, Master of Wine, it is the book to get the burgundy lover in your family. "Inside Burgundy" is available for £50 from BBR.com.

9. Do you want to buy a special Champagne, but can’t find the right one? Moet, a bit too mundane, Dom Perignon a bit over rated. Why not try the exclusive boutique Champagne that has just hit the UK market? The best part, is that the only importer is right her in Oxford. Chassenay d’Arce Grande Cuvee is an exceptional bubbly and at the moment a gift box, which includes two champagne flutes, is £62.00 including VAT and delivery. Just contact First Class Products by email or phone, sales@firstclassproducts.biz or 07919 133 476.

10. Finally the glamour of travel is back! Cointreau has created “My Travel Essentials,” a luxury travel cocktail bar for people on the move. It was designed for the famous burlesque artist Dita Von Teese and contains everything you need to survive when you are away from home. It even has two classic glasses for those unexpected guests! It’s available for €250 which is about £215 from www.cointreau.com. Now don’t you want to be cointreauversial?