This coming week Oxonians will be surrounded by lithe beauties in exquisite garments, chattering on their iPhones and tweeting about the up-and-coming artisans of the cloth.

But while they flit between The Regal in East Oxford and the Exam Schools in the city centre, what will quench their thirst?

If glamour is involved there’s only one answer. That’s right, everyone’s favourite, a bit of French bubbly.

But this is Oxford and no common Veuve Cliquot will do. Put down that mundane Moet, back away from the Bollinger. The champagne that will launch this year’s Oxford Fashion Week is Bannière.

What?! You’ve never heard of it?

Well actually, neither had I. You see, Bannière isn’t found in Sainsbury’s, Tesco or even Waitrose. In fact, the executive producer of Oxford Fashion Week has achieved a feat.

On Monday, Oxford Fashion Week 2011 will introduce Bannière Champagne to the whole of the UK.

Just because you’ve never heard of the house of Bannière doesn’t make them new to the market.

The family has been involved in champagne since 1863. Their cellars, where the bottles are aged, were hand cut out of country clay.

While their mantra is trendy elegance (perfect for a week of fashion) they are still well known and respected in the Bouzy Champagne region and now they are making waves in the international world of wine.

Winning a silver medal last year for wine innovation has put them well on their way to worldwide success. They arrive at OFW straight after showing off their vinoteca at the Cannes film festival.

The difference between the House of Bannière and other champagne chateaus is their philosophy.

Along with being well aware of their ethical and ecological responsibility, they are willing to treat their Champagne as it was in the beginning, a fine wine.

The Bannière family has created a range of champagnes that are tailored to go with specific foods. Everything from sushi to sweet meats and desserts is catered for, replacing the need for fine wines.

Carl Anglim, executive producer of Oxford Fashion Week described it as “fresh.” It is that, but so much more.

So while the models are seen, primped and made up, what you taste in your glass is pure elegance.