JESSICA MANN sniffs out perfect presents for that picky someone in your life this Christmas.

Christmas shopping. The sparkling lights make all things glitter.

Spiced candles in the store have you longing for cookies and cake.

The only problem is finding those perfect gifts for those picky people in your life. Let this little list be your inspiration and feel the spirit of Christmas pour through you.

And I’m not talking about that hip flask in your pocket either.

* “Get Down, Get down . . . Jungle Boogie, hoo har, Jungle Boogie!” Feel free to put down your drink and pull some shapes with your mates. And when you get back these little folk will distinguish your Sauvignon Blanc from your friend’s Pinot Grigio. Vacu Vin, Party People glass markers, £3.99 from Boswells, are perfect for party hosts. Boswells of Oxford, Broad Street, 01865 241244 * Baby it’s cold out side. You put on your hat, gloves and warm fluffy jacket. Don’t you think your champers deserves the same? Nicolas Feuillatte has thought of this and is offering a 1/4 bottle, 20cl of Brut, with an adorable turquoise jacket for £9 at John Lewis. If you prefer Rosé, that 1/4 bottle has a trendy pink one for a tenner. John Lewis Home & Leisure 01494 462666 * Bubbly Dazzler Wine & Cover. Bag this sequined bargain for £12 from Boots.

Give the average sparkly inside to your boss (trust me they won’t know the difference,) and buy a glam Champagne to replace it. Present to an equally glam hostess when she invites you to her next party, and she will keep you fed and socially accepted throughout the year! Boots, Cornmarket Street, Oxford 01865 247461 * Can’t create cosmos? Does making a mojito get you muddled? Throwing cocktail parties will no longer give you the shakes as long as you have this handy cocktail shaker. It has easy recipes written on the side and even includes a ‘muddler’ so you don’t have to be! £12.99 at Boswells in Cornmarket. Boswells of Oxford, Broad Street, 01865 241244 * Wine Thermometer by L’Atelier Du Vin makes sure that you serve your wine at the perfect temperature. No more awful moments when the chardonnay is too warm and the Cabernet too cold. £29.95 at Central on Little Clarendon Street. Central Furniture Shop, Little Clarendon Street, Oxford 01865 311141 * This leather travel case takes your wine from the city to the countryside in complete style.

Put down the top of the convertible, throw a blanket in the boot and with this lovely attaché you have the makings of the perfect picnic.

You can buy it on its own for £13, or add these delightful tipples to match any dinner, Nostros Pinot Noir £6.99, and a Secateurs Chenin Blanc £8.99. All from the Oxford Wine Company. Oxford Wine Company, Botley Road, Oxford, 01865 249500 * The Wine Breather, not your normal decanter. The secret is in the seal. Pour an entire bottle into it and serve from there, or pour it back into the bottle to show off the label.

The seal ensures no spillage, and it’s just £49 from Central on Little Clarendon Street.

Central Furniture Shop, Little Clarendon Street 01865 311141 * For some, beer is a fondness, a hobby, a pastime, for others... it’s a religion.

It is for these men that Mr Beer created their home Beer Kit. Found at Boswells in the city centre, Mr. Beer, Brew Your own Beer Kit for £59.95 will turn your man into a Brewmaster. Everything is included. All they have to do is follow the recipe. It is so simple that even a man that has never read an instruction book can do it. Boswells of Oxford, Broad Street, 01865 241244 * Grand Siécle Champagne and Cradle by Laurent -Perrier. Forget the luscious champagne that will match perfectly with your turkey, goose or pork. Just look at the silver server.

It’s elegant, makes pouring a treat and is reusable.

Of course, it does cost £425 and can only be bought online or in person at Harrods. But it does come in a wooden gift box so wrapping is unnecessary. Harrods Ltd, Knightsbridge, London. * Drappier Cart D’Or Brut Melchisédech, the equivalent of 40 bottles, or 240 glasses of fine Champagne. Weighing 143lbs, standing about four feet and costing £2,550, this grande marque is normally bought for celebrity and royal affairs. I wonder if Kate and William are bringing in a few for their nuptials?

Gary McDonald, Anthony Byrne Fine Wines Ltd, Ramsey, Cambridgeshire 01487 811008