DOES size really matter? If you ask that question to men, most will puff out their chest, look down their nose at you (even when they are your height) and say "Of course".

Women, however, used to keeping the peace and keeping their men happy will simply shrug, shake their head and mumble “no”. Then they will quickly change the topic before a lengthy discussion ensues.

I’m here today to dispel that myth. I might be breaking some unpublished female code, but boys ... size DOES matter to wine drinkers.

Everyone knows normal bottles are 75cl. Most people will have sprung for a Split (20cl) of Moet et Chandon, or Lanson Champagne, if they can’t afford a full bottle.

And who hasn’t heard of a Magnum?

Especially after Christiano Ronaldo and Paris Hilton’s antics last week in California, racking up an obscene bar tab on magnums of Champagne.

However, ask anyone about a Rehoboam and they will say “bless you.” What they really should be saying is “I’ll call 20 of my friends over to help you drink that,” because a Rehoboam is equivalent to half a dozen bottles. Now all these bottle sizes were created and named by the French – and as with all things French, it gets a bit complicated. For example, a Jeroboam in Burgundy and Champagne is the equivalent of four bottles, or three litres. However, a Jeroboam in Bordeaux is six bottles, or 4.5 litres.

Then there are the names. No one is exactly sure why biblical kings were chosen to name these grandiose bottles.

So when you are speculating what to do for your dad this Sunday, why not spring for a wine of biblical proportions? Berry Bros & Rudd are offering a Salamanazar (a whopping 12 bottles in one) of 2008 Pontet-Canet. According to wine expert Chris Kissack of, it has “huge structure” and “massive potential.”

It will be wonderful to drink well into 2020. To order the 2008 Pontet-Canet Salamanazaar call Berry Bros & Rudd on 0800 280 2440.

Or you could visit their warehouse in Basingstoke. It’s only two stops from Oxford on the train. The wine will cost you £600 – but there is free delivery!