PUNK isn’t dead – it just comes with a hefty dose of Chinook hops these days.

While many brewers are crying into their pints, the team at BrewDog are seeing sales of their bottled lagers, ales and stouts rocket everywhere from Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s, to Classic Wines in Oxford’s Cowley Road (where I was quick last month to snap up some all-too-rare Paradox whisky-casked imperial stout).

This is an outfit so brash and buoyant that it put out a limited edition strawberry beer a few weeks ago weighing in at 12.5 per cent ABV – priced at £25 (that’s right, £25) for a 750ml bottle.

And it sold out – all the proceeds went to the RNLI, incidentally.

Not bad for an microbrewery started only in 2007 by a couple of whippersnappers, James Watt and Martin Dickie.

“Until now, the market’s been divided into insipid beer made by faceless corporations to alleviate your senses, and old-fashioned ale brewed by stuffy people who would put your grandparents to sleep,” complains MD James, 27, who is a former Atlantic fisherman.

“We see ourselves as Davids in an ocean of Goliaths. We challenge people’s perceptions.”

Although all the firm’s unpasteurised, chemical-free brews pack in-yer-face flavours thanks to ‘high-alpha’ hops, such as Nelson Sauvin and Chinook, and 100 per cent malt, the funky image is paying off too.

Hence the perky titles, the ‘distressed’ typeface and the tongue-in-cheek blurb on the website, brewdog.com The award-winning firm, which is based in Aberdeenshire, has three products – Hard Core, Dogma and Chaos Theory – in the 15-strong shortlist for the Sainsbury’s Beer Festival in July.

Dogma is particularly quirky – the ingredients include poppy seed and guarana stimulant – but these brews are less about wackiness and more about a lot of taste per swig. The two best sellers will be sold permanently by the supermarket chain.

Tesco, meanwhile, is flogging an Father’s Day gift pack of a bottle of Punk and a branded glass for £4.

We have five 12-bottle cases of Punk IPA to give away. For your chance to win a case, just answer the following question: Where is BrewDog based?

1) Aberdeenshire 2) Abingdon 3) Aylesbury Either email paul.stammers@nqo.com or post the answer to Paul Stammers, Oxford Mail, Osney Mead, Oxford OX2 0EJ by Friday, June 26, including your address and a phone number. Usual Newsquest rules apply.