To celebrate the start of the third Oxford Film Festival, which this year showcases the films of the Coen Brothers, drinks editor Jessica Mann takes a look at appropriate tipples to accompany each film.

Tomorrow night is the launch of the Annual Oxford Mail Film Festival at the Phoenix Picturehouse in Walton Street, Oxford.

And this year it’s the Coen brothers who take centre stage with their twisted comedies and thrillers.

So, if nothing else, at least you now know what you’re going to be doing for your entertainment all of next week.

In fact, all you have to decide is what to drink with each film.

Here then is my advice for that ‘just perfect’ beverage to suit each movie (and remember, there’s a cosy-as-hell bar upstairs at the Phoenix...) * Blood Simple – Saturday, May 9: Trust me, you don’t want die like they do in this movie...

Being set in Texas, you might think I’d recommend Tequila. But you’d be wrong. One of the main characters, Julian Marty, has a bar and although beer is drunk, I’m going to recommend the drink that’s first offered in the film itself – Remy Martin.

This smooth cognac will help you keep your nerves when the characters on the big screen have clearly lost theirs.

* Raising Arizona – Sunday, May 10: This is definitely a beer movie, and as such (I almost cringe saying this), you are going to HAVE TO drink American beer.

But before you fall off your bar stools there actually are some good American brews out there.

Microbreweries have popped up all over the US and to get the flavour without the fizz, try Fat Tire Amber Ale.

Sure it’s inspired by Belgium but it is made in Colorado.

On the other hand, if you want to be true to the movie, I’m sorry to say, you’ll have to drink Coors or Budweiser.

* Fargo – Monday, May 11: It’s North Dakota and it’s cold. What you really want is coffee. Nothing fancy mind you (Marge wouldn’t approve).

No latte, or half-caf cappuccino, just good ole bog standard filtered coffee.

But a warning – if you are getting a bit jittery by the end of the movie, toss a little brandy into your cup.

Just make sure it’s from a hip flask so you can feel like a true American TV cop.

* The Big Lebowski, right – Tuesday, May 12: White Russians, or Caucasians, as they are affectionately known in the movie.

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about . . . . ‘Dude’ you have got to be at the Phoenix Tuesday night.

* The Hudsucker Proxy – Wednesday, May 13: Want to feel like you are the youngest President of a huge conglomerate, fighting baddies that want to take it away from you?

Face it, it’s got to be a Martini, right.

* O Brother, Where Art Thou? – Thursday, May 14: Moonshine is the natural drink for this Odysseus comedy.

However, it’s a bit illegal to brew and if the law doesn’t get you the taxman surely will.

Better stick to Bourbon Whiskey, drunk by Pappy in several scenes.

This can be drunk straight, over ice, or with a bit of mint and sugar to make it more refreshing.

And God bless you too.

* No Country for Old Men – Friday, May 15: Although beer is the predominantly drunk beverage in this film, I can’t recommend American beer twice in one week. So I’ll go with a snifter that will match the amazing southwest landscapes seen in this movie.

We can only be talking about tequila. But just make sure it’s not just any tequila; go for something ‘mature’, look for Añejo or Extra Añejo and you are guaranteed a minimum of one year aged in an Oak cask.

And just an afterthought, all of the above go superbly with popcorn, but not with candies in crinkly, unwrap-loudly wrappings...

l See next week's drinks page to win one of 10 crates of South African wine (and see who won the VIP bus bash).