Don’t just think of chocolate as a nibble, it can be a tasty tipple as well and Oxford has a few choices where you can imbibe in this rich beverage.

Any good guidebook directs visitors to one location for the absolute best hot chocolate in Oxford, Chocology in the covered market, run by John Partington.

Their secret is simple. They don’t believe in powdered mix.

They take liquid Valrhona (correct) Chocolate (used by all the best chefs), heat it up, pour it into a cup and serve it. There is no boiling water or steamed milk to scald your tongue. It is served at the perfect temperature- 80C.

I warn you now, it’s quite strong. Don’t be afraid to ask for a “light” the same chocolate just cut with a bit of milk for the amateur chocoholics. The cost is £2.80 or £2.20 for a light version.

Alternatively, check out G&D for a “Holy Cow.” The company’s three locations in Oxford and with opening hours from 8AM – Midnight, seven days a week, you can always have your chocolate craving satisfied.

Unfortunately they do use powdered cocoa, but they have a secret ingredient as well . . . their homemade ice cream. You can pick any flavour to add a bit of sumptuousness to your hot choc. I tried the After Eight. It was extremely creamy with hints of mint, and would have been good after dinner or as a warming cuppa following a walk on a chilly afternoon. Holy Cows cost £3.20.

What if you want a chocolate drink, but don’t want to feel like a kid? Unfortunately your options in Oxford are limited.

After visiting numerous cocktail bars, I could only find one that had chocolate listed as an ingredient in a beverage, Raoul’s on Walton Street. I’m sure there are a number of cocktail bars that could make a Chocolate Martini if someone requested, but Raoul’s has one on their menu. It’s a white chocolate martini that uses Mozart white chocolate liqueur and costs £6. The drink tastes rather like melted ice cream with a kick, which could be quite dangerous if you don’t know how to count.

Speaking to the bartender at Raoul’s about chocolate beverages, he reminded me of one classic that was not on the menu, but is easy enough to make, a Brandy Alexander. It’s making a comeback in New York cocktail bars and one journalist described it as the new “Cosmopolitan.” In fact it even makes an appearance in the newly released film, “Two Lovers.” Joaquin Phoenix’s character Leonard sups on it while trying to woo Gwyneth Paltrow. Mix dark chocolate liqueur, Brandy and Cream, shake it over ice and pour into a chilled glass. It has sin written all over it.

To enjoy a chocolate beverage at home, with the same amount of glamour, but less fuss, go for Rubis wine. This is a fortified wine that tastes like a chocolate covered cherry and looks elegant too. You can find it for about £4 at Tesco.

Now you have several choices to wash down the ears of your chocolate bunny.

1. Chocology The Covered Market, Oxford, OX1 3DU Tel & Fax: +44 (0) 1865 247 158

2. G&D George and Davis, 55 Little Clarendon Street
Oxford, OX1 2HS
Tel: (01865) 516652 George and Danver, 94 St. Aldates
Oxford, OX1 1BT
Tel: (01865) 245952 George and Delila, 104 Cowley Road 
Oxford, OX4 1JE 
Tel: (01865) 727111

3. Raoul’s 32 Walton Street, Jericho, Oxford, OX2 6AA Telephone:
01865 553 732 Opening times: Sun to Wed 4pm - 12am
Thurs to Sat 4pm - 1am