Dear Jessica, I have been married for almost 15 years and I no longer find my husband attractive. What wine can I drink or serve him to put the spark back in my marriage? Dominique Bliss, OXON

Jessica Uncorked: The average Joe would have you believe that if he drinks enough his inhibitions will drop and put whatever your husband has been worrying about, (bank collapse or dramatic rise of cost of living), out of his head. He would liven up and act like that teenager you fell in love with.

Drink enough and the alcoholic haze you see through would make your husband appear more attractive to you.

I could never recommend that course of action. Too much alcohol could impede your husband’s performance. Besides why waste a delicious wine on downing glass after glass? Good wine should be savoured.

Open the bottle and pour it slowly. Allow the wine to breathe and expand. Use a good wine glass, not one stolen from the local pub. Gently sip the wine, breathing in the flavour and aroma. Let the nectar dance across your tongue, touching on all those little taste buds causing them to explode in excitement. A good wine should make your skin tingle and tease you into submission.

Now which wine should you choose? Look into your past to happier times when your husband was your flame. Perhaps a Jurançon Sec Grain Sauvage Blanc de Blanc from the summer you spent surfing in the Basque region before you were married? What about a 1993 St Emilion Bordeaux from your honeymoon in France?

For something slightly less dear, that still has a lovely flavour try a 2001 Castillo de Calatrava Tempranillo Reserva La Mancha. This Spanish red is sure to add a bit of spice to your life.

This wine is a clear deep ruby in colour. The bouquet is aromatic and pronounced with a touch of black cherries. On the palate it is dry with fruit flavours. It's beautifully balanced between the acids in the fruit and the tannins from the oak. Although it has a soft finish, it doesn’t fall flat.

This Tempranillo is ready to enjoy now, so pick up a bottle, put on your stilettos, get rid of all the distractions and share this with your husband. If this doesn’t work for you then drink the wine yourself and put the sack it came in over his head!

You can pick up the 2001 Castillo de Calatrava Tempranillo Reserva La Mancha at most grocery stores and wine shops. It cost £5 -£7.