Q. Dear Jessica, my boss continues to abscond on lavish vacations, leaving me to complete his work. He's taking off again next week to a lush French Resort. What wine should I drink to put me in the holiday mood while I do his drudgery?

- Jenny P, Botley A. Drudgery? If you really didn't like it you shouldn't be in the business! Have you never heard the phrase "while the cat's away the mice play?"

Take advantage of his absence. Wear something fun and frivolous that he might not appreciate, attend his social events in his absence, and when the work is done, sit in his chair, put your feet up and make phone calls from his phone.

It will give you the sense of power of that position, a bit of perk for all that hard work you've done. Besides, if you do a good job, maybe his bosses will notice.

In the meantime you might try wine from the south of France. I had a nice gem last weekend. Perfect for sitting out in Port Meadow, having a picnic on White Horse hill, or just enjoying in your garden.

It's a 2006 Muscat Sec from France's Languedoc Roussillon. It is one of the wines made by ex-French rugby star Gerard Bertrand who gives it his stamp of approval, proving that not all ageing sports figures either become coaches or chefs.

It has the colour of an untreated citrine gem: pale yellow, like fading stars in the early morning light. The bouquet is sweet and fresh tinted with honeysuckle, an aromatic perfume that an 18-year-old would wear.

The taste is light, refreshing, and flavoursome. Exotic fruits fill your mouth at first, then it transforms into a dryer white, finishing with lively acidity, which gives it a touch of pizzazz.

This white is great to enjoy by itself, but it will hold up to spicier foods. Try it with black pepper and sesame seed encrusted tuna, with grilled asparagus.

So enjoy the fruits of southern France without the airport security hassle and poor exchange rate that your boss will be dealing with!

You can pick up the Gerard Bertrand Classic Muscat Sec 2006, Vin de Pays d'Oc at the following stores: Majestic Wine - £5.99 Tesco - £5.22 Everywine.co.uk - £91.67 for a case of 12, plus £8.95 for shipping If you have a whine or suggestion email me at whinecolumn@nqo.com