Q. I've been invited to a Christian barbecue. I usually bring a bottle of wine as a gift for my host or hostess at parties. Given the religious overtones, is this appropriate? Also I really prefer to drink red wine, but with the great hot weather we have been having in Oxford, red seems a little heavy for an outdoors day event. Can you help? Natalie T., Headington.

A. Check which denomination invited you. Some do not believe in consuming alcohol at all and I'd hate for you to feel awkward.

For a great barbecue wine, try Frozé. It is a new product, owned and supplied by Off-Piste Wines in Cheltenham.

This local group of boys got together with some fairly Savvy South Africans to come up with a more sophisticated rosé.

Froze has a strawberry apricot colour that is reminiscent of boiled watermelon flavoured sweets. First hints of the bouquet are very fruity, sweet papayas and ripe cherries.

Most red wine lovers would be running toward their favourite Cab Sav, or Shiraz at this point ... but give it a chance. The taste will shock you.

It's a blend of Pinotage, Cinsault, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and as a result is delightfully flavoursome with out being syrupy. It's more like a good red wine than a typical rosé and won't leave a sticky feeling in your mouth.

The best part about this wine is that you can pour it over ice and the flavour actually increases instead of diminishing.

Perfect to keep you cool during that inquisition of "What do you do Sunday mornings?" and "Have you met our son Peter? He's such a wholesome boy."

The screw cap means you won't be wasting time searching for a wine opener. Beyond that, it's only 12 per cent alcohol, and over ice, you will have all your senses to realize that Peter might not be as wholesome as his reverend father is pronouncing.

At under a fiver, it's easy to get locally at Co-op www.co-operative.co.uk; Costcutter www.costcutter.co.uk; One Stop www.onestop.co.uk; Tesco www.tesco.com/grocery; Waitrose www.waitrose.com