DEAR JESSICA: After months of asking, I have finally got the girl of my desires to agree to go out with me. Now I'm stuck. She likes wine, but I know nothing about it. Where in Oxford can I take her to get good wine, that won't empty my wallet and maybe get me a kiss at the end of the night? Chris H.

JESSICA UNCORKED: Well, I know wine, but I'm no miracle worker. Sorry sweetie, I can't guarantee the kiss, but I can offer a suggestion. One of my work colleagues heard about your dilemma and suggested I recommend a £5 Valpolicella at Tesco's and dinner at the local BYO-alcohol Chinese for a cheap meal. I think you have better taste and she probably has better assets that he hasn't viewed.

So I suggest you head for the Giraffe in George Street. It has 19 wines, all of which you can purchase by the glass. They are organized by mood (Happy, Inspired, Glamorous) - a bit gimmicky, but on this occasion it works.

Besides, if you make it through the entire list without her finding the right one, getting a kiss at the end of the night is not your problem, getting her out of the door may be. To save on the drunken debauchery too many trials would cost you, my friend' and I tasted a few.

The aptly titled "Gorgeous," a Loredona Monterey Pinot Noir from the US came tops on our list of tipples to sup with savouries.

This Pinot Noir is bright red and has a sweet cherry bouquet with slight floral notes on the nose. The approach is soft, with hints of raspberry and beetroot, but it does finish with some zing and a bit of chew.

It goes very well with Giraffe's spicy food. The fruit complements the Latin flavours of the nachos while the spice holds up to the sweet & sour gyoza and tangy Thai duck stir-fry.

Good luck at the Giraffe with your Pinot Noir. It will cost you £5.75 for a 175ml glass, and £21.50 for the bottle. Not cheap, but your girl must be worth it.