DEAR JESSICA: My boss has invited me around for dinner. I want to be playful, but not give him the wrong idea. What wine do you suggest?

A. There's nothing wrong going out for a meal with your boss as long as both of you understand what is expected and what is appropriate. Friendly meals can ease tension and build mutual understanding, which might make a better working relationship.

A wine that certainly fits into your category of playful, but let's-not-get-intimate is Grandin Brut Rose. This sparkling wine from the Loire Valley is outside the Champagne region, so technically you can't call it Champagne. But they make it in the traditional method which consists of two fermentation processes, the second giving it its effervescence.

It is non-vintage so it won't break your bank account, or cause him to think that he is overpaying you. The colour is an apricot pink. It has a bouquet of fruit and pineapple.

The first hint of taste is of sweeter tropical fruits, followed by an acidic zing that is very fresh. Even though the bubbles are small, they are persistent - proving that size doesn't always matter.

It does finish on a more serious note, emphasizing the fact that this is not a high school cheerleader out for a good time. Pink sparkling has grown-up, it's got a bit of class and a sharp edge if pushed too far, or drunk too fast.

It is also one of the favourite tipples used in celebrations by A-listers. Bottles of Laurent Perrier Pink Champagne costing £85 a bottle were seen going into a private celebration Victoria Beckham threw for her mother at Claridges in London at the end of March.

Unless your boss is Karl Lagerfeld or Mickey Rourke, there is a good chance that if he likes this Grandin Brut Rose, he's not interested in you for more than just fashion advice!

You can buy Grandin Brut Rose at Stevens Garnier Limited just off the Botley Road for £7.75.