Dear Jessica: I'm afraid I may be responsible for my boyfriend's athlete's foot, what should I do?

JESSICA UNCORKED: You have to tell him.

If you want him in your future, you must disclose everything and hope his feelings for you are stronger than the discomfort he feels.

If this is just a fling for a good time ... honey, the good time is over. Telling him will just speed up the inevitable allowing both of you to move forward.

Either way, both you and your boyfriend need to get it treated as soon as possible.

Next time, you might slow down, examine your partner's feet (his toes in particular) and take precautions to prevent the outbreak.

However, while you are waiting for the doctor's appointment try supping on a Marquis de Mascaret: Bordeaux Merlot 2006.

This is a bright ruby red wine created by a cooperative of wine producers in the Aquitaine region called Cave des Hauts de Gironde.

It has a nose of medium red fruits, like currants and boysenberries, with a hint of spice and eucalyptus.

Because this is one the largest wine cooperatives in the Bordeaux region, the specific vineyard of the grapes is hard to trace. The anonymity of the producers does have the benefit of allowing the consumer to concentrate on taste, and not get caught up in arrogance of brand.

That would be great if the taste were something exceptional, however it borders on average (a bit like your relationship with your boyfriend?) It is a medium body wine that tastes of fruit at first, maybe a bit too acidic.

Before the acid takes full control, you notice a bite at the back of your throat. A peppery spice floods your mouth, turning over to the tannins that are strong enough to get your teeth around a chew.

The most disappointing bit of this wine is the finish, which is a bit flaccid. But as any woman knows, you can't have everything...

You can buy Marquis de Mascaret: Bordeaux Merlot 2006 at Sainsbury's. Normally for £7.59, it is currently on special for £3.79 a bottle.