DEAR JESSICA: I forgot to laugh at my boss's jokes five times in a row, what wine should I drink?

JESSICA UNCORKED: You need a wine to put your bosses lack of sense of humour - or lack of taste - out of your mind and a smile back on your face.

I am going to recommend a lighter wine. Something that is a bit fruitier to the palate, with classic citrus zest, that will help you to get over the heavy looks you get from the boss in the office.

A 2006 Lalla Gully Riesling from Tasmania is perfect for you. Who knew Tasmania was one of the gems of New World wine production? But its cool climate and valleys make it a perfect competitor to Californian varieties.

This Riesling is 100% with no messing around and mixing with flavours.

It's got a youthful pale colour - perfect to put the old goat out of your thoughts.

It first smells of honeydew, but the taste is what tickles your mouth and turns the corners of your lips up. A touch of peach, followed by lime and grapefruit make your mouth water instantly. The finish is clean, dry and refreshing.

So think of this wine the next time the boss is telling one of his jokes, and the tang you remember will create the reaction your boss is looking for without getting your hands or your mind dirty!

The price is a bit steeper at £10.99 a bottle from your local off-licence. But if this Tasmanian devil puts a smile across your lips at the appropriate moments, and gets you that rise you deserve, than bottoms up!