Introducing our new "whine" column with a twist - in which local wine connoisseur Jessica Mann sips her way through some of life's typical ups and downs...

DEAR JESSICA: I've just found out that my girlfriend's mother is pregnant with my child. What wine should I drink to calm my nerves? JESSICA UNCORKED: First off decide whether you want to A) keep the girlfriend, B) keep the mum, or C) ditch the entire coven and head for safety as fast as your legs will take you. What you really feel like is Jack Daniels, or the closest thing possible. But for all possible solutions a red is the much better choice.

Try Wakefield Promised Land Shiraz Cabernet 2005 out of Australia. It's smooth, goes down easily, and its convenient screw top makes for easy access and quick drink, great for all three decisions.

The taste is fruity at first, but dark plums, black and blue berries with a hint of vanilla, then tannins and spice kick in to let you know that what you are drinking is definitely alcoholic. The smooth finish leaves a hint of cinnamon or nutmeg - rather like eating a mince pie.

For A) the girlfriend, she'll like the spice and tannins which will help her get the "bitter taste" out of her mouth For B) the mum, if she's that easy, then she won't care how young or new world it is. She'll pass or just have a sip in the interest of the baby's health If C)'s your choice, you'll like it because it is readily available at your local Oddbins on special for only £5.99. The change from your tenner will help with those child support payments you'll be making in the future.