What is Boost?

It’s a takeaway juice and smoothie bar and I go there a lot.

What did you have?

I had a Brekkie To Go Go which is banana, wheat free muesli, honey, no fat milk or soy, TD4 vanilla yoghurt & ice and an energiser PLUS booster.

What was it like?

I loved it. I normally have it every time I’m in town and am obsessed with it. It’s a great breakfast replacement and I love the taste so much.

Who did you go with?

I went with my mum when we were shopping for clothes. My mum had the same as me because she thinks it is amazing as well.

Would you take a girl on a date there?

Maybe, if you’re just strolling around town and want something to quench your thirst.

High points

The service is really quick so it’s good if you’re just passing through because you can have it there and then.

Low points

You can’t really sit down anywhere.

Overall impression

It is the type of place that you keep going back to because it’s that good.


The price for me and my mum was £4.85 because we have been saving points on our card and got a free one.

Marks out of 10


BOOST, Unit 7B , Clarendon Centre, Cornmarket Street, Oxford