I wanted to be a cook from a young age when I used to cook cakes with my mum at home. But being a chef is more than just cooking.

I went to Coleg Powys Newtown and studied catering and hospitality NVQ Level 3 but I think Bowood Hotel and Golf was the place I really learnt the meaning of being a chef as it takes time, commitment, and a lot of passion.

The dish that customers love the most? I have always had good feedback on my chocolate fondant with home-made pistachio ice cream and fresh raspberries.

As for myself, I do love a good barbecue, which means one of my wife’s amazing chicken kebabs and an ice cold beer! I get inspired by good honest food that you can eat any day of the week.

I get my ideas from a lot of reading and searching and also asking the front-of-house team for input as they have the best contact with the customers.

I don’t do much cooking at home. I have my kitchen at work and it’s my wife’s house and kitchen.

Chocolate is my favourite ingredient because, let’s face it, who doesn’t like chocolate?

The most essential item in my kitchen is the docking station; without it I’d be lost! I need my cheesy ‘90s pop to make the days go easier.

As for tips for would-be chefs – this is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. You must have passion and have to really enjoy cooking and handle pressure.

Bacon and Shallot Brioche buns 

Oxford Mail:

Makes 25 canapé sized buns

250g plain flour
6g salt
50g sugar
4 eggs beaten
250g butter
35g fresh yeast
100ml warm milk
2-3 rashers of bacon
1 Shallot

1. Grill bacon rashers and then dice, mix with raw diced shallot 
2. Soften butter and beat until smooth.
3. Mix milk with the yeast and add to the beaten eggs
4. Add to the flour, mix for five minutes (a kitchen aid on slow with a paddle beater is best) 
5. Then add butter mix until incorporated
6. Place in a piping bag and leave somewhere warm to prove until the mix has doubled in size (roughly 20 minutes) 
7. ‘Knock back’ (basically knock the air out until the mix is back to its original size)
8. Butter your moulds (a mini muffin tray works well)
9. Fill moulds ¾ of the way up
10. Sprinkle on the bacon and shallot mix
11. Bake at 180C for eight minutes until golden brown
12. Remove from moulds and place on cooling rack.
13. Repeat, try different toppings and enjoy