Andrew Hill shares his recipe for beetroot-cured salmon

I suppose I never realised I loved food as a child, but when I look back I clearly did! From an early age I made my own sandwiches for my packed lunch. I had a little fan club after school when my younger brother would bring his mates back to our house and I’d make them all sandwiches.

I sold my first fruitcake for £5 to the lady of the manor for the game shoot at the age of 13 (I think it cost more in ingredients, which I took from my Mum’s cupboard) I used to spend time with my Grampy who was a great cook and baker. Also a highlight of my year was visiting my other grandparents and the lunch spread my Grandma would put out was like a smorgasbord (my Grandad is Danish).

Favourite childhood meals are my Mum’s spaghetti bolognaise (every birthday tea for years), my Mum’s roast lamb drenched in mint sauce, and Monday Pie (not sure if this is even a dish but it tasted great).

Everybody else tells you how hard it is being a chef and sympathises with you about the long hours and stressful environment but for me I think it is all relative to what you know and do. I feel very privileged to wake up everyday looking forward to getting in the kitchen.

Don’t get me wrong sometimes you wonder what the hell you are doing, mental and physical exhaustion sets in from time to time and missing out on friends and family events can be tough, but my Dad said to me at a very early age that job satisfaction is the most important thing above money or anything else work related. He is absolutely right in my opinion.

500g piece of skinless salmon fillet
200g cooked beetroot, grated
For the cure
80g coarse sea salt
80g light brown sugar
A small handful of chopped tarragon 
Zest of 1 lemon

Mix the cure together in a bowl. 
Lay three layers of clingfilm on the work surface and sprinkle half of the mixture in the shape of the salmon. 
Place the salmon on top of the mixture then sprinkle the other half of the cure on top. 
Wrap the clingfilm tightly and refrigerate inside a container for 24 hours. 
Scrape the mixture off, then wash the fillet under a cold water tap. Pat dry with a clean jay cloth. Repeat the clingfilm process using the grated beetroot. 
The salmon can marinate with the beetroot for 24 hours to three days, depending on the colour and flavour you desire. 
To serve – slice thinly and garnish with orange segments, fennel fronds and pickled beetroot.