Artist Liza Dimbleby is showing original drawings from her book I Live Here Now (Firework Press) at Art Jericho until the end of July.

A graduate of Balliol College and the Ruskin School of Drawing in Oxford, she has recorded her impressions of city life in Moscow, Glasgow and London - the jostle of daily life in crowds, stations, street markets and subways, not familiar tourist views.

She first went to Moscow as a student and was intrigued by the scale. She says: "When we returned to Oxford, the city seemed tiny, a shrunken disposition of streets; and we strode out on it like the possessors of the fairy-tale Seven League Boots, with the sense that we could encompass it all in a strike. The whole of that city's centre, from the High Street to Broad Street, would have fitted in the six-lane width of the Moscow Ring Road."

Now teaching at the Prince's School of Drawing, Shoreditch, she has brought out the book in two formats - a £15 paperback edition and £90 version with some hand-coloured plates and a separate limited edition etching.

Art Jericho, at 6 King Street, is open Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm or by appointment via