In this exhibition, photographer Julia Martinez, focuses on the female nude.

Martinez’ s involvement with photography started at an early age, helping her grandfather in his dark room. In young adulthood she went on to complete a degree in photography and to work as a photographer’s assistant. The latter led her to end up in front of the lens, as an advertising model and to embark on a 20-year career in international modelling.

Now once again behind the lens, Martinez is, in this her first solo show, showing a series of 22 photographs of female nudes: photographs that celebrate the female body by exploring the curves and contours of legs, arms, breasts and torsos in ways that capture their sheer beauty.

In Luna (pictured)  the angle between thigh and body creates its own dynamic.

Some of her portraits are enhanced by special effects. Martinez is clear that "the eye does not see special effects, it sees beauty". This is amply demonstrated by clever lens work that creates star burst effects using gently splashed water.

And in Self, where the profiled portrait of the model is striated by bands of dark and light creating a dramatic match between model and setting. By her use of monochrome Martinez is able to capture the soft richness of the skin tone.

In all her work Martinez provides a playful girlish approach to the photography of the female body, and one which positively celebrates femininity.

Achieving this optimistic celebratory approach has not been easy for Martinez, her life and its impact on her work has its dark side. And in recognition of the support she has received she is donating a percentage of sales to MIND and to Gateway Women., open Wednesday to Sunday.

Until June 29, open Wednesday to Sunday.