It’s Friday night and you really want to boogie. Scratch that... you NEED to boogie tonight.

There’s just one problem...funds are low, really low – in fact you’ve barely two pennies to rub together.

This is where Four Candles can really be your saviour.

Located right in the heart of Oxford’s “West End” in George Street, this fail-safe option is within easy stumbling distance of all of the city’s major clubs should you wish to blow the budget after “pre-drinks”.

Their popular two pitchers for a tenner deal is a complete no-brainer – especially when you’re as indecisive as me or intoxicated beyond rational decision-making.

With drinks prices that would give even the supermarkets a run for their money, that’s a very likely scenario indeed!

Popular with students and locals alike, weekends see the pub bursting at the seams once darkness falls.

The hardcore clubbers are almost always out in force – dressed to the nines and playing out the age old formula: go in, take a few shots, gather up your friends and exit.

The end of the week conversationalists were also dotted around taking their time over a pint....or four!

If the latter tickles your fancy, Weatherspoons are running the world’s biggest real ale and cider festival from October 5-23. Sixty real ales and ciders will be served – including craft ales from USA and speciality seasonal and fruit beers.

If you’re looking for variety, Four Candles delivers on all accounts.

With drinks prices probably the cheapest you’ll find anywhere in the city, this is a good place to start burning the candle at both ends.