In Oxford you are no more than 10 metres, 10 minutes or 10 Great British pounds away from a great night out.

We are spoiled for choice; the city is saturated with culture, entertainment and fun. And one form of entertainment that spans all of the above is comedy.

Living in Oxfordshire you are able to make the most of the rich ideas that can transport your normal everyday life for a night.

Comedy is playing a huge part in the lives of many, especially in Oxford, be it comedy catchphrases infiltrating into conversations, TV and radio choices, nights out - and even employment... not to mention pub names (check out the new Wetherspoons boozer The Four Candles, in George Street, named after a famous Two Ronnies sketch dating from 1976).

Be a part of this and, once again, you'll be able to sample cutting edge material as well as mainstay classic routines.

Someone who has dedicated his life to comedy in Oxford is the man known only as 'Silky'.

A hard working, quick-witted comedian and musician, he has made it his mission to bring the funniest names to the city. I wanted to know why he had chosen to set up his hugely popular Kill for a Seat Comedy Club ( in our town.

The answer, he said, was not only because he used to live here ... but because of the people.

He told the Guide: "I used to live in Headington, and I'm not that big a fan of travelling around.

"I liked the idea of a great comedy club I could walk or cycle to ... and as there wasn't one, I started one.

"We ran weekly at the Jericho Tavern, and occasionally at the Mason's Arms in Headington Quarry, but found the ideal venue in the Backroom at The Bullingdon, in Cowley Road, and we've been running Kill for a Seat there continuously since February 2003.

"A fair few acts assume it's going to be an all-student audience, but the truth is that we've always had a brilliantly diverse crowd.

"On average, I would say that only one-fifth of the audience at the Kill for a Seat nights are Oxford-based students."

So what does Oxford have over other cities in the UK?

"People aren't afraid to be different, and to try things in Oxford," he explained.

"There's less of a stigma attached to being proud to know stuff, and you can use long words unself- consciously!

"That makes for an excellent environment for comedy, but we are lucky in Oxford as there is not just one well-established comedy club; there are multiple venues and nights where the comedians can be nurtured and can progress."

Silky is remarkably hardworking - with comedy nights all over the country as well as compere duties at many comedy clubs and festivals.

He runs multiple nights in Leeds, where he now lives, and also hosts nights in Wales and, closer to us, in Banbury.

Fortunately for comedy lovers, the laughs don't stop on the Cowley Road. So where else can you go for a chuckle? See below for the Guide's top tips.

Laughter zone: OXFORD At The Wheatsheaf, off High Street, are the Oxford Imps. Fast - and deep - thinking, the troupe perform for two hours every Monday from 8pm, and are definitely worth checking out. The old-style pub is the perfect environment to nurture Oxford's new and emerging comedy talent. The Cellar, in Frewin Court, off Cornmarket, hosts The Free Beer Show on Monday nights.

This quality night is an excellent place to see Edinburgh warm-up shows and fresh comedy talent... and has the added bonus of a free drink bundled into the ridiculously cheap entrance price. Jongleurs in Hythe Bridge Street, the Oxford branch of this national chain, hosts a varied programme of established and up-and-coming comedians; it's a perennial favourite for stag and hen parties, partly as there's a boogie after the show. The New Theatre is an important venue for the larger, more established comedians to end up. Tonight and tomorrow one of the largest names in comedy hot foots it to the venue - Lee Evans. It is, predictably, already sold out. A similar wealth of comic relief goes on at the Oxford Playhouse, which welcomes some big comic names - including, Ken Campbell and award-winning mimic Ennio Marchetto in October In the far north, up in South Parade, Summertown, is Oxford's latest venue - already proving itself as a hot centre for comedy. The North Wall Arts Centre, part of St Edward's School, has welcomed the likes of Shazi Mirza, and Paul Tonkinson. WITNEY The town boasts its own comedy night with two hilarious acts a week. Local girl Iszi Lawrence is a regular compere - and she's good... really good. In fact. she's just been performing at the Camden Fringe. BEYOND This weekend's Reading Festival is jam-packed with comedy - Stephen Lynch, Brendon Burns, Adam Hills and Phil Jupitus headlining the comedy tent.