Picture the scene: it's a Monday night in Oxford, you're thirsty and the idea of four, or more, days of work is getting you down.

But there is a solution, and it's right on your doorstep.

It's called, encouragingly, The Free Beer Show - and next week features hilarious international talent, in the shape of Canadian Glenn Wool, pictured.

A native of Vancouver, Glenn has lived in this country for about 10 years - long enough to give him a wry outsider's perspective on everyday life in the UK.

A helpful guy, Glenn will help you choose a religion and a sexual preference - weighing up the pros and cons of various life decisions.

And he's a comedian of substance. His stories are colourful, descriptive - sometimes even a little too graphic - and believable.

Hecklers aren't even given a chance to murmur as his stories quickly unfurl.

His accentuation is classic and will leave you gagging for more renditions of his encounters through life - even the ones that make you want to either faint, throw up or both.

"It's a difficult time for edgy comedy," says Glenn. "No one wants to think about bad things right now."

But he prefers gigging on this side of the Atlantic, and is looking forward to the Oxford show.

"Over there, they want you to be good at stand-up so they can get you to do something else, where as over here they still respect the stand-up."

Glenn was nominated in the Best Headliner category of the 2008 Chortle Comedy Awards, which is no mean feat. Recent winners include Dara O' Briain and Jason Byrne.

His latest tour, Goodbye Scars, is a preview of material that he will take up to the Edinburgh Festival this summer - giving Oxford comedy-lovers a sneak preview of one of the funniest acts on the Fringe.

The Free Beer Show has been running at The Cellar for three years. And yes, you do get a free beer - or at least, one included in the £6 ticket price, which amounts to a good deal in anyone's book.

Producer Paddy Luscombe told The Guide: "Glenn Wool is always a highlight of the Edinburgh preview season and the way he takes absolutely serious topics and portrays them in such a laid back, almost stoner style, is fabulous.

"This promises to be one of the best nights of the season.

"The Free Beer Show is proud of its strong track record of booking household names just before they break. Previous nights have seen the like of Simon Amstell, Russell Howard and Russell Brand working through new routines."

Glenn will be joined by Natalie Luurtsema, who also has a string of nominations and was a finalist in last year's Funny Women awards.

The Free Beer Show takes place at the Cellar, Frewin Court, every Monday.

Doors open at 8pm and the show starts at 9.15pm. Tickets (including that free drink) can be booked by calling 01865 305305 or at www.oxfordcomedytickets.co.uk