Imagine knowing how to get anyone you want to sleep with you!

It would be like having magic powers. But this is the name of Deborah Frances White's new show and she's ready to divulge her secrets at the Old Fire Station on Thursday.

A cross between Trinny & Susannah and Dawn French, this self-help comedienne and Oxford University graduate, is on a roll.

She's sold her screenplay to Hollywood, is touring her successful comedy show and getting married, all in 2008.

"So it works then?" I ask her, while admiring her engagement ring.

"Oh yes," she smiles. "I was at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival recently and was fighting them off with a stick because Edinburgh is full of desperate men.

"But after one show these two über-babes in their 20s came up and said that no-one ever fancied them and they'd been single for ages.

"I'm 10 years older and several dress sizes bigger and I realised it really is about the way you portray yourself and your inner confidence."

So where did all this start? I asked. Not when you were at Oxford University studying English?

"God, no. When I was at university in Oxford I didn't think anyone fancied me," she says. "But I did do a lot of drama and comedy. And then I slowly worked out what worked and now I feel sexy and confident all the time.

"But the show began when I noticed my single girlfriends whining because no one fancied them, when obviously lots of men did.

"It really interested me and I knew there were many others in the same boat.

"So I wrote a show about how to demonstrate this to help people go out and feel great about themselves again, because 90 per cent of it's confidence.

"But notice the emphasis is on the word 'want', because what women don't realise is that all men want to sleep with them at some level," she laughs again.

Deborah then launches into a big self-help-style speech about the benefits of wearing a hat, providing a talking point, making yourself subconsciously open to conversation, and flirting and transforming yourself into someone everyone notices when you walk into a room.

And this isn't a woman-only show. Men are being given the once-over too!

"I want to change the way we put down our men because the men we turn down are someone else's boyfriends and husbands.

"And often they get so put off by the way we turn them down they lose all their confidence as well, so I help guys with their chat-up lines because we have a powerful culture of rejection," she adds.

"And one part of my act is making a man feel like James Bond in three minutes.

"It's all about looking a woman in the eye and keeping your head still," the 35-year-old confides.

"The answer is of course to make every woman feel special - single them out and make them find out what does make them individuals."

It's basically a gap in the market then, I ask Deborah. So why is being single so difficult in this day and age? "Because the rules of engagement have changed and our generation has ludicrously high expectations.

"Our parents' generation met someone nice in their town and were happy to settle down, while our grandparents married people they often hardly knew, but we are looking for perfection and we are pioneering in that way.

"But we will also be known as the 'want-it-all generation' in years to come," she says.

So is it for everyone; single, married, mothers? I ask hopefully.

"Yes and you'll see how things change for you. So many people get in touch after they've seen a show and said it's worked for them. It's empowering and it's really good fun too."

As for the screenplay, its been bought by Fox and Deborah's summer wedding is in Oxford at Trinity College in August.

And then? "Oh the next show is 'the advanced class of How To Get Anyone To Want To Sleep With You, with tips on how to keep them wanting to sleep with you," she laughs. "I'm there already.

Deborah Frances White is in How To Get Anyone To Want To Sleep With You at the Old Fire Station on Thursday and The Mill in Banbury on June 18.

Call the box offices on 0844 8471588 and 01295 2798002 respectively.