Ladies: Pull on your legwarmers, ra-ra skirt, scrunchie and fingerless gloves, and lads, get smart-casual in a big-shouldered shiny suit.

Then grab your Filofax and brick-sized mobile phone, and get down to some of the most tasteless music ever created.

Yes, this weekend we're going back to the 1980s!

The decade of Thatcher, yuppies, mass unemployment and inner-city riots is back - though, thankfully, just for one night.

On Saturday, the Carling Academy's cult club night Trashy takes us back two decades with an evening of gloriously tacky fun, brazenly titled Trashy Does Dallas!

The night, named, of course, in honour of the iconic Texan TV soap, is the first of many themed club nights, which are set to put some sparkle back into Saturday night clubbing.

"It's all about having a laugh and a good time," says the venue's manager Carl Bathgate, "It will be a celebration of all things '80s - from stockbrokers to Neighbours!

"Trashy is a great club night that has always played tunes from lots of eras - but this will have a proper '80s twist."

The '80s theme will be complete with cheesy cocktails - including the City slicker's libation of choice, the Harvey Wallbanger.

So what can we look forward to hearing: "The best of the decade," laughs Carl. "My favourite has to be Video Killed the Radio Star by Buggles, so that will be on.

"There will be some seriously good stuff like Joy Division and The Smiths, but also some gloriously tacky stuff by Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran and Madonna. And of course 99 Red Balloons by Nena."

And what is his sartorial tip for the lads? "Definitely a double-breasted suit made of nylon - and a tie, of course. Back in the 80s you couldn't get into a lot of clubs without a tie. It's all about that Miami Vice look. Either that or Lycra!

"It's cool to be uncool... and this is a great excuse to have a bit of fun!"

Also trawling the charity shops for bargains from the decade that taught us 'greed is good' and 'lunch is for wimps' is the venue's promotions manager Lauren Riddy.

"I'll be coming in an all-in-one Lycra number!" she promises.

"Or maybe a suit with massive shoulder pads. And a mullet.

"Or I might combine them - so I'll look like Rod Stewart at the top, something from Dallas in the middle, and an aerobics instructor below!

And her favourite tunes? "Together in Electric Dreams by Human League's Phil Oakey, Enola Gay by OMD and Duran Duran's Girls on Film," she laughs..

The party follows a school disco themed night, and will be followed in coming months by a Trashy Burlesque night - with risqué stage show, and a Trashy Prom night - complete with cheerleaders.

Trashy guests also get to try out to the venue's Transformation indie night, and the Room 101 rock-fest, downstairs at the Academy.

Tickets are £6 or £5 NUS. Discounts are available for groups of more than 10 (email for details), and for those who have made a serious effort with their outfits.

The night runs from 10.30pm-3am. Dress code: Strictly Come Retro!