Chadlington has been named as a hotspot for buyers by a website that suggests the reason is the beautiful shots of the village in Jeremy Clarkson's hit TV show.

Property website Rightmove revealed that Chadlington was 2021’s third most searched for destination by buyers looking for their next home.

It said searches for the Cotswolds village soared following the launch of Clarkson’s Farm – peaking in June where searches for the area were 511% higher than last year.

Tim Bannister, Rightmove’s Director of Property Data, said: “Our search data gives us a unique understanding of how current events and culture can inspire people to imagine the life that could be in a new area" including "countryside living in the Cotswolds inspired by the ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ TV show".

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But far from living the dream is being Jeremy Clarkson’s neighbour more of a living nightmare?

An anonymous resident who lives near the site, where the show is filmed, has said the entire enterprise has caused ‘complete chaos’.

After it was announced that the farm shop would be closed for two months a frenzy of fans grabbed their last chance to pay a visit on New Year's Eve.

She explained: “It is complete chaos - I was 20 minutes late for a doctor’s appointment due to queues."

But responding to the Oxford Mail article on Twitter, Mr Clarkson slammed the "moaning" villager.

He wrote: "There are three roads from Chadlington to the A361. She could have used one of the other two instead of moaning."

And it's not just one villager who regards Mr Clarkson as a neighbour from hell.

He got an angry reception - and complained of getting 'the finger' - when he held a public meeting in Chadlington Memorial Hall where he was quizzed on his plans for the site.

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One local man is reported as saying: "The things is, Mr Clarkson, you are not a farmer. You are a media personality and farming to you is a sideline. But this is our village and we have to live with the consequences."

Another villager reportedly told Mr Clarkson that his farm shop offered little to locals.

"I wonder how many people in this room have actually been up there," the presenter asked, to which one resident replied, "Have you seen the queues? We couldn't get in if we wanted to".

Other locals expressed worries that an expansion of his site would bring even more traffic to the area.

Mr Clarkson was said to have replied: "You have my complete sympathy. I am just as keen as you are to try to manage the situation. I have people peeing on my drive."

After he applied to convert his lambing shed into a 60-seat café or restaurant, which he promised would be “cheaper” than nearby restaurants, meaning people would pay around £60 for a meal for two, the annoyance caused to locals by their famous neighbour skyrocketed.

Neighbour Hamish Dewar even brought a legal challenge against his controversial plans, stating that the area was in danger of becoming a "Jeremy Clarkson theme park".